There are a string of circular grouse drinking bowls along Stanage Edge each one being numbered. The numbers are not consecutive so presumably several were carved and bowls in the gaps between completed at a later date when it was decided that more bowls were required. The grouse watering bowls are of various sizes and some have runnels cut to channel the water. Not all are along Stanage Edge itself but some are further into the moor and now considerably overgrown.
The numbering was a way to ensure the landowner only paid for the ones that were cut.
Grouse water bowls were cut as required by local stonemason George Broomhead at the request of William Wilson (Sheffield snuff manufacturer) who owned Hallam Moor. There are also posts carved with WW to denote ownership boundary. William Wilson bought the estate in late nineteenth century from from the Duke of Norfolk.
It is said that there are 107 or 108 bowls with the first ones carved near Stanage Pole early 20th century. 1907 is suggested as the date of the first bowls carved out by George who was born in 1893, so would have been fourteen at the time. Accounts show he was paid 7s 3½p per bowl.