Errwood Hall shrine – St Joseph’s Shrine

The Errwood Hall shrine is located up a steep track north from Castedge farm ruins heading for the roman road. It is found just past the ruined Withinleach farm, almost hidden in a sheltered dip down from the main track but well worth a visit and the extra effort to get there.
There was a private school on Errwood Hall Estate attended by about thirty local children and their teacher was Miss Dona Maria Dolores de Ybarguen, a Spanish aristocrat.
She was governess to the children at Errwood Hall and died, whilst only in her 40’s, on a visit to Lourdes.
The family built a shrine to her memory in 1889.

The heavy oak door is not locked and it is worth a look inside.

Just above the picture of St Joseph is a marble slab with the inscription ‘Munca se le Invoca evano a San Jose prueba de gratitud’ which translates to – No one asks in vain of St Joseph, a token of gratitude.

The initials D de Y, are those of Dolores.

There is another shrine set onto the wall on Goyt’s Lane before the Bunsall Incline to Errwood reservoir – this is a shrine to The Blessed Virgin Mary.