Cromwell’s Low is a Scheduled monument :-

Cromwell’s Low bowl barrow is a sub-circular cairn in a ridge-top location in the south-western ridges of the limestone plateau of Derbyshire near Tissington at SK151527.
The monument includes a mound measuring 19m by 16m and standing c.1.3m high. This was partially excavated by Thomas Bateman in 1848 and found to contain, at the centre, a rock-cut grave covered by two limestone slabs in which was deposited a cremation burial accompanied by a fragment of antler and a food vessel indicating a Bronze Age date for the barrow. Outside the grave, on the old land surface beneath the barrow, were found the disturbed remains of two skeletons in association with iron nails or rivets, buckles and the fittings of a shield. These indicate the re-use of the barrow in the Anglian period. Excluded from the scheduling are the drystone walls crossing the edge of the monument, although the ground beneath them is included.